Artisan Connection


Founded on relationships with ambitious entrepreneurs, our company empowers women with sustainable employment to create a better future for themselves. 

Talent and motivation are rarely enough for an uneducated, Indigenous woman in Guatemala to be able to support herself. Access to a larger market of appreciative buyers of handcrafted art is what is lifting her from poverty. No longer do these women need to spend countless hours on the street trying desperately to sell their products to tourists. They now have the freedom to work from home while caring for their families knowing that everything they create will be purchased by us.

We’ve been living part-time in their communities since 2010 and have committed to help many families. Our direct connection gives us better insight into their specific needs. We monitor to be sure that the fair pay agreed upon is always sufficient to support themselves. We have been blessed to watch these families strive for and achieve major positive change.

Tribal Roots is proud to connect these artisans to the global market. Our valued customers feel a connection to the artists through their beautiful products and know that they are the reason somebody is grateful for a dignified job and can support their family.